Environment and Resource Economics Seminar

Environment and Resource Economics Seminar

Seminar meets on Wednesday at 12pm in 201 Giannini Hall

Whenever possible, papers will be available on this website at least two days prior to the presentation. Presentation papers from previous semesters are also available.

Date Speaker Affiliation Presentation Title

January 15

January 22



ERE seminar cancelled for job talk in 201 Giannini

January 29



ERE seminar cancelled for job talk in 201 Giannini

February 5

Sangeeta Bansal

Jawaharlal Nehru University

Environmental Quality: Impact of Economic Growth

February 12

Alejandro del Valle Suarez

Paris School of Economics

From caring to work: The labor market effects of non-contributory health insurance

February 19

Sangeeta Bansal

Jawaharlal Nehru University

Eliciting farmers' valuation for abiotic stress tolerant rice seeds in India: Evidence from India

February 26

Astrid Dannenberg

Columbia University

Climate negotiations, uncertainty, and the prisoners' dilemma trap

March 5

Amir Jina

Columbia University

Impacts of Climate Change on Low-Lying and Flood-Prone Areas: The Case of Bangladesh

March 12

Gavin McCormick

Berkeley ARE


March 19

Nathanael Vellekoop

Goethe University Frankfurt

Explaining intra-monthly consumption patterns: The timing of income or the timing of consumption commitments?

March 26



Spring Recess

April 2

Robert Schmidt

Humboldt University Berlin

Climate cooperation with technology investments and border carbon adjustment

April 9

Yang Xie

Berkeley ARE

The Economics of Water Project Capacities under Optimal Water Inventory Management

April 16

David Kelly

University of Miami

Probabilistic Stabilization Targets

April 23

Daniel Spiro

Oslo University

April 30

Jesper Stage

Mid Sweden University

May 7

Anja Tolonen

University of Gothenburg

May 14

Ulrik Beck

University of Copenhagen

We're always looking for future speakers! Please write us if you would like to present or suggest an outside speaker for this semester: